come into the light

“I know you’re there.”

“Ears like a hawk, you.”

“Come into the light, where I can see you.”

“Not yet.”

“Will you join me in a dram?”

“It’ll kill you, that stuff.”

“Ah well, we all have to go sometime.”

‘That’s for sure.”

“Come into the light, my heart’s sore to see you.”

“In a while.”

“How did it go? Everybody safe?”

“We hit some trouble.”

“I was afraid of that, it’s a dirty old night.”

“Not the rain. They were at the bridge.”

“B Specials?”

“Them, and a few boys from the RUC.”

“Is anybody lost?”

“Murphy, Donovan, the Fitz brothers.”

“God rest their souls.”

“We never stood a chance, Da.”

“But you came back, thanks be to God.”

“Aye, I promised, come hell or high water.”

“Come into the light, son.”

“For only a minute. I can’t stay.” 

“Oh, sweet Mary, Mother of God! Your face …”

“Listen, they’re at the door. I must go.”

“Stay, son … you need help. Wait …”

“I kept my promise, Da …”

“… while I open the door. 

“Mr McParland, it’s about your son. You’d better sit down.”