Shadows of the past hang heavily on three runaways, who face their greatest fear just when they thought they had earned a new life … 
Jilly Graham knows what it is to be used and abused. She also knows how to get what she wants. Poised to achieve a First Class Honours degree, it seems the world is at her feet and she has buried the memory of what she did to pay for her education.
For three years, Jilly has lived with Rob Knowley, a loveless relationship, but when she begins a project documenting the lives of local prostitutes, Rob becomes violent and abusive and her future and past violently collide.
Tina Lloyd has been a prostitute since she was fourteen years old and craves a normal family life, although in her heart she knows she is only one of the women her husband, Noel, controls. Their son, Leon, hates both his parents and is tormented at school because of Tina’s profession.
When Jilly allows a photograph of Tina to be published without Tina’s consent, it sets off a series of violent acts which eventually lead to an horrific murder. In the aftermath, Jilly, Tina and Leon are thrown together as fugitives. Living together in close confinement, none of them trusting the others, this fragile group opens up to one another and brutally honest truths emerge.

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