COVERED – Terms and Conditions

All the photographs and images on this site are the copyright of Jacqui Jay Grafton.
With all copyrighted materials on this site Jacqui Jay Grafton asserts her moral, commercial and intellectual rights to be known as the author of works produced.
No license is given nor granted in respect of the use of any copyrighted material on this site other than for purchases as described below.

When you purchase an image/images from this site, you agree that:
You are purchasing the right to use the image on a single book cover or on a series of books related to that book.
You may use the image(s) for marketing or advertising in relation to the book or books for which it was purchased.
You will not use the image(s) for any other purpose.
The copyright for any image(s) purchased remains with Jacqui Jay Grafton, the creator of these images.

By purchasing any image(s) from this site, you agree to the Terms and Conditions below.

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